She Returns (About Project X)

Words cannot express how excited I feel at the moment (although evidently, I’m trying). After working my way through homework, school projects, revision, exams, exam returns, and not to mention, writer’s block, I finally managed to sit down before my laptop with the intention to write. After a while of writing, deleting and rewriting, I, at long last, managed to start my new project, Project X, with a prequel of my first chosen fairytale, Snow White.

It is from the perspective of Snow White’s stepmother, before she married the King and became queen and before she turned ‘evil.’ Basically, the piece attempts to explore why she turned evil in the first place. It’s only the first piece of the puzzle; I intend to write more about her past and reveal her journey to you as I imagine it.

For now, I hope you enjoy reading this. In my opinion, diving into a character’s past is fascinating, especially a complex one such as Snow White’s stepmother. So, I will definitely be working on this project whenever I can, and will hopefully have the next part of her history written soon. No promises, though – after all, writer’s block may be lurking around the corner…


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