Stroke of Midnight: Welcoming 2014

IMG_1092Happy new year!

When the clock struck midnight last night, fireworks lit up the sky as far as the eye could see. The whole horizon was lit up. My family and I stood on our balcony, wonderstruck, our toes freezing, watching fireworks erupting in every direction we turned. It felt like we were watching the whole world celebrating.

Now that January 2014 has arrived, it has brought new chances and possibilities with it. As I look ahead, I can see numerous goals I can set myself: read more books, finish my novel, write more on my blog, and many more. I also see some challenges: my final exams (gulp), finishing my novel, my first year of university… Of course, I hope that I will achieve the goals I set myself, and that I will overcome the challenges successfully. But most of all, I hope to have the courage to face the challenges and to not only overcome them, but also to learn from them.

As we enter this new year, I wish you good luck on your journey to achieve your own goals and dreams, and also hope that, amidst all your work, you take the time to do things that make you happy. I hope that 2014 is as bright as the fireworks that lit up the sky last night, and that everyone has a wonderful, successful and happy new year.

I would also like to say a quick thank you to the people who like or comment on my posts and have followed my blog. Even though I don’t always get the chance to thank you individually, it means a lot to me that you take your time to take a look at my blog, and it encourages me to write regularly. Thank you so much!


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