A Year in Books

IMG_1268I’m excited to announce the start of a new project this year! As a certified bookworm, I will hopefully be reading a lot this year (as a literature student, I probably won’t have much choice). At the end of each month, I’ll pick the book I liked the best, and write a short review of it here.

 Love reading as much as me? Join me in this project, and recommend some books for me to read!

I will also be more active on Goodreads this year. Unfortunately, I’m a slow reader and tend to forget to record when I start/finish books (oops) but I’ll try my best to keep track. Check out my reviews there if you like! My goal is to read 19 books this year, the same as the age I will be turning (50 proved to be too many last year, so I’m taking baby steps). In this, I’m shamelessly copying Carrie Hope Fletcher; take a look at her videos, some of which are book related!

Happy reading 🙂


4 Comments on “A Year in Books

  1. Have you tried goodreads.com? I’ve been using it for personal reading challenges for four years now. You should give it a shot 👍


    • Yes, I do have a Goodreads account! I just repeatedly fail at keeping it up to date 😛 In January, I set myself a goal of reading 19 books there, and totally forgot about it until a few days ago…

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