The Plan

I wrote short piece in writing society, when we worked on dialogue. What do you think? Does it sound natural? Stilted? Can you tell how many different characters there are?


There was a tense silence before any one of them spoke.

“It’s beginning to wook a wot wike Chwistmas…”

“Shut up.”


“Look you guys, arguing isn’t going to get us anywhere—“

“Well, some of us need be less annoying, is all.”

“We have to come up with some kind of plan. How are we going to—“

“This is boring. I’m outta here—“

“But we need your help!”

“Whatever. Make it quick.”

“Wet it snow!”

“Hush! Okay, we need to get in and get out. No one will see us, we just have to figure out a foolproof entry plan. We’ll need a distraction— that’s you, Ned.”

“It’s Wudolph.”

“Okay, Rudolph. You’ll distract the hostiles while Billy and I sneak in and get the job done.”


“Don’t mess up.”


“Or else…”

“All right, now we just need to decide the perfect time to carry this out.”

“Let’s do it tonight.”

“Okay. Remember, be careful… One mistake and the whole plan fails. And we can’t fail, we need to sneak the candy past Mum somehow. We need to.”

© Sohini Kumar


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