Keep Writing

When I was younger, anything more than five ‘likes’ on Facebook had me squealing in delight.

“Wow, six people liked my status about ice cream!”

*Two minutes later*

“Seven people!”



Admittedly, six people is a lot (imagine six people in a broom closet). But when some friends’ photos somehow garner more than a hundred ‘likes,’ six seems a little humbler in comparison.

At the moment, I often feel like I’m stuck in the ‘child’ phase of blogging. I’ve grown quite accustomed to not having many indications that the content I create is reaching people, so when a few ‘likes’ or comments roll about, I feel really happy. Then a blog here and then flaunts its thousands of likes and comments per post, and I get reminded, again, that six can’t quite compare.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t treasure all the support I’ve gotten already (each and every ‘like’ and comment is gushed about on this side of the screen). Neither do I believe that blogging is all about the number of followers you have, or the number of ‘likes’ you can get. Six ‘likes’ or one comment is as valuable as a hundred, because either way, I know that someone is taking some time to look at a post I’ve made.

But I have recently realised that to keep earning readers’ appreciation, I have to keep writing. I have to work hard and I have to keep putting content out there. So when I feel slightly hopeless in the future, I intend to keep this in mind, and I intend to keep writing.


5 thoughts on “Keep Writing

  1. D.I. Ozier

    I think it’s good not to get bogged down in the numbers when you write; while it’s certainly great to be followed or liked, what’s more important is your own personal relationship with your writing. Value doesn’t have to (and, actually, shouldn’t) come from external sources.

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    • Sohini

      I absolutely agree with you! As my dad says, we create our own value, and if we love what we doing and do it well, it will catch people’s attention on its own 🙂


  2. alexjrankin

    I am with you on this. Any likes I get rarely stack up to double digits. From my time on here, I’ve noticed that the really successful bloggers are the ones that reach out to other bloggers and invariably make lasting connections. For me its about having a place to express myself, although obviously, any attention is appreciated.


    • Sohini

      Exactly! I’m glad you agree, and get what I’m trying to say. And you’re right, blogging does seem to be about building a community as much as regularly putting content out there. So I suppose the best we can do is build our connections and keep writing, right? 🙂


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