Twitter Troubles

I recently decided to join Twitter in order to be more in touch with the publishing world, and to find out about any potential internships, jobs and opportunities.

Here is what I learnt whilst creating my account.

1. Any/all forms of your name may already be taken.

I don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. After testing every single form of my name, including ridiculous ones I would never actually use, I found that even the username ‘alreadytaken’ is already taken.


It was a long and winding process (especially because I started testing random usernames halfway through) and it made me really annoyed at the people who’d stolen my potential usernames but hadn’t tweeted a thing in seven years, but I eventually settled for one that vaguely captures what I do.

2. Writing your life history bio may take a few tries.

I must’ve written and deleted this part of my profile 50 (or at least five) times. It seems so inconsequential, but setting the right tone and writing the most essential things about myself (without going on and on) seemed very important.

It took me enough tries to get me worried because I’m supposed to be a writer, after all…

3. The first official tweet is like shouting into a void.


I kept thinking, “Who’s going to read this? Who’s going to care?” I did everything – even setting the theme color – before doing this.

There was also the added pressure of making my first ever tweet something funny/interesting/not cheesy. In 140 characters. I certainly didn’t want to cringe at it in 10 years, like I now do at my first Facebook status.

4. Singing “Every Breath You Take” whilst deciding who to follow is funny. 

I especially looked up all the publishing and writing related accounts I could find, but boy are there a lot of those.

Nevertheless, you can never follow too many people (I think), and I’d be happy to know any people you follow that you think are valuable for writers to know about!

The point of this post…

…is to tell you all that I got a Twitter account! You can now find me there as @sohiniscribbles.

Do you know any writing-related accounts I should follow? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and…



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