Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This week’s photo challenge is ‘Inspiration.’

On a recent trip to Lake District, I saw a house that looked like it had been pulled from a fairytale. My mum and I desperately tried to take a photo as we rode by on a bus (we didn’t succeed).

From then on, we kept plotting on how to find our way back there. Each time we got on the bus, it kept rushing past so we kept missing it. Then one day, we were plonked down right in front of it on our way to see Beatrix Potter’s house.

I chose this photo because travelling inspires me. When I was younger, I tried to take photos of everything, but recently I’ve tried to pay more attention to the moment instead.

Some things, however, just demand to be photographed. 🙂


2 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

    • Thank you for your comment, I absolutely agree with you! And I was expecting the seven dwarves to come bursting through the door any minute… 😀


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