Friday Fictioneers: Afternoon Adventures

I’m a bit late to this one but hey, maybe we can pretend it’s Friday for two minutes. 😉 Because that’s approximately how long it takes to read (and possibly comment on) 100 words or less, which is what writers submit for Friday Fictioneers! Thank you to Rochelle for providing the following photo prompt.

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Afternoon Adventures

The canoe loomed like a nightmare. The closer they approached, the harder she gripped her father’s hand.

“You ready, Lindy?” he asked. She nodded.

In the distance, she saw trees forming tufts of hair on the Earth’s head. The lake, a bald patch. A pile of pebbles crouched nearby, creating a stone child hugging his knees. Her fingers ached.

Suddenly there were no footsteps left. Both looked at the rusty slab of metal. She glanced up, unspoken worries swimming in her eyes.

They spent the afternoon in a moored canoe, enjoying the wonders of a boat ride on the lake.


Words: 100

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