Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This week’s photo challenge theme is ‘Optimistic.’

It’s mainly the people in my life who help me stay optimistic. I’m currently stressing about some deadlines and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. But my dad sent me a lovely email the other day. And a while ago I chatted to my mum at around 5 a.m. her time about how things are going (to be fair she’s the one who started the conversation). My friends have assured me (repeatedly) that I can get all the work done and, as mean as this sounds, it also doesn’t hurt to see other students working late in the library like I do.

But one of the things that makes me feel more optimistic is sunshine. Oh gosh that sounded cheesy.

The sun hadn’t shined (shone? shinened?) here in quite a while. Then today in class, in a glorious moment of triumph, a ray of warm sunlight broke through the clouds and landed on my hand (for me, it was the highlight of the seminar). And then… my tutor promptly pulled the blinds shut. *sigh*

Especially during winter, sunlight is the main reason I voluntarily go outside in the cold. So that’s why, in the depths of January, I’ve chosen this photo as my source of optimism. Also, because I like sunflowers. 😛


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