Friday Fictioneers: Smile

This week I thought I was nice and early to Friday Fictioneers (for once). It was only after I’d finished writing that I realised that I’d been responding to last week’s prompt. *sigh* I thought I’d post it nonetheless, so that the half an hour I was supposed to spend doing coursework (*gulp*) won’t be in vain.

For Friday Fictioneers, writers respond to a prompt with 100 words or less. Thank you to Rochelle for providing the following photo prompt!

© The Reclining Gentleman


“I can’t,” Tulip huffed. “It’s only daybreak and I’m already tired!”

Her companion smiled. “With that attitude, you definitely won’t,” she said gently. “How do you think I got here? You don’t believe I was born like this?”

Tulip sniffed. She tried not to think about how unkempt she must look next to her friend, who looked as fresh as spring itself. She felt like she had been trampled upon.

“How did you do it?” she asked after a while. “How did you grow to be so beautiful?”

“Simple,” Daffodil replied. “Just stand tall, face the sun, and smile.”


Words: 99

Thank you for reading! Click here to read more writing for this prompt.

Until next time!


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