Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

This week’s photo challenge is ‘future‘. This is a photo of the Peace Wall in Oslo, Norway, outside the Nobel Peace Center.


From 10 June 2015 to 3 April 2016, it displayed this artwork called Mare Nostrum (Our Ocean) by artists Torunn Skjelland and Vigdis Fjellheim. This is what the description of the piece said:

“The piece is named after the Italian operation established in 2013 to rescue boat migrants trying to reach Europe, and it is a comment on the situation for the world’s boat migrants who risk everything in search of a better life. Mare Nostrum was painted directly onto the wall during four weeks in May and June 2015. Mare Nostrum is curated by the public art agency Mesén on behalf of Nobel Peace Center, and established in collaboration with Statsbygg.”

Although migrants’ futures can be uncertain, we can hope that what lies ahead is better than their pasts.


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