Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


This week’s photo challenge is ‘mirror’. I took this in Agra, when visiting the Taj Mahal. Let me know what you think!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

  1. nice2beme

    So interesting. I’ve never been to Taj Mahal but I saw it on the pictures. The thing you have captured here is completely different from what I’ve seen in the internet. Something unique!


  2. Bipasha

    how lovely! Refreshingly different from the conventional photos of the Taj…before reading I almost thought it must be Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi.


    • Sohini

      Thank you! Of course I took loads of the typical photos as well, although they didn’t turn out nearly as nice as other people’s seem to! So I thought I’d share this one for the prompt instead :p

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