Sleepy Sunday: Anatomy of a Bookshelf

If you’re a hoarder collector of books, there are some categories of books you will be familiar with. The childhood classic, the one abandoned halfway, and of course the forever unfinished…

Here are books every bookshelf has:


A: Book I’ve never read.

B: Book I’ve read halfway through and know I won’t continue, but can’t be bothered to/feel too guilty getting rid of.

C: Book I got as a present but have no interest in reading.

D-F: Yet more books I haven’t read.

G: Book I was super excited to get a great deal on, thought I would read that very moment, then boom, three years later and still haven’t read it.

H: Book I started, stopped reading, now I can’t remember anything and have to start over.

I: Book I’ve read, loved, then read again 17 times. Also the book I’m currently reading instead of the book I’m supposed to be reading.

J: Book I’ve told everyone I’ve read but haven’t actually finished. Or started.

K-M: Thought it was a standalone. Got dragged into a series.

N: Childhood book that hits me so hard with nostalgia, I forget I was going to donate it.

O: Bought because pretty. Read because pretty. Keeping because pretty.

P: Already own a copy, but forgot and bought it again.

Q-T: A series of classics I’m getting around to. At some point.

U: Book I’ve promised a friend I’ll read but I probably won’t.

V: Book I tried to donate, then changed my mind (repeat x10, then defeatedly replace on the shelf).

W: The “I read another book by this author and it was great, but I can’t admit this one isn’t as good” book.

X: Currently reading. When I’m not rereading every other book I’ve already read.

Y: “Why did I buy this?”

Z: The favourite. To be saved in a fire. To be reached for for comfort. To be flipped through and have its spine cracked and pages worn and words memorised. To be read again.

Which of these does your shelf have (if not all)? Are there any I’ve missed? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and until next time.

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