A Year in Books: January (‘Look Behind You’ by Sibel Hodge)

I’ll be honest: it’s only the first month of this project and my pool of choices is not very wide. I haven’t read a lot of new books this month, mainly because (excuse time) I’ve been reading short stories and poems for my course, and in my free time, I’ve been re-reading old books. So, from […]


A Year in Books

I’m excited to announce the start of a new project this year! As a certified bookworm, I will hopefully be reading a lot this year (as a literature student, I probably won’t have much choice). At the end of each month, I’ll pick the book I liked the best, and write a short review of it here.  Love […]

Books I’ve Read This Year

This year, my reading target was set at a very ambitious… *drumroll* 22. I know. Please hold the applause until the end of the post. Because I didn’t read for myself much during my university years, I thought I would ease back into it and keep my target relatively reachable. And now, (a bit more […]