Coping with Comparison

Boy, I will do anything for a bit of alliteration.

But alliteration aside (see what I did there?), today I am coming to you with some thoughts about comparison. I’m sure most of us have subjected ourselves to this at one point or another in our lives: looking at ourselves, or at something we’ve done, and undermining it because someone else is further or seemingly better off.

In my first year of university, I lived about ten minutes away from central campus. The path I took every day led me through a scening route, but it could also be secluded. Aside from listening to music and admiring nature, I was pretty much left to my thoughts.

IMG_0689The view on my walk, every day for a year. Not bad!

Sometimes on my walk, there would be people in front of me. Not that I competed with them, but thinking about how far they were never really helped me in any way. Still, if I was particularly tired or half-asleep after a night of sleep deprivation, I found myself wishing I was where they were.

Other times I felt completely alone and wondered why I was the only one on that path. I looked around only to realise that there were others behind me. Read More

Hello, dear readers! A very belated happy new year from me. I hope your year has been going well so far, and that it only gets better from this point. I am coming to you today with a Friday Fictioneers, in which writers respond to a prompt with 100 words or less. Thank you to Rochelle for providing this prompt!


Photo prompt © Al Forbes

Grey-Blue Sky

“Come on, dad!”

The shout echoed strangely, startling Dev.

A muffled thud.

“You okay?” Dev called, peering up the stairs.


Creak. Creak. Creak.

Creak, creak, creak. 

The footsteps sped up as they neared the bottom.

“Ready?” Dev said.

His father smiled. He held a small suitcase, zipper rusted.

“What’s this?” Dev asked.

“Couldn’t leave it behind,” grinned his father. “Your mother bought it for me.”

“Strange gift,” muttered Dev. “Come on, we have to get there by two.”

Grabbing his father’s hand, Dev towed the old man outside. They left the empty house behind under a grey-blue sky.


Words: 100

Let me know what you think, and thank you for reading. More content to come soon (I’m working on a piece about creative work experience right now, I promise)! If you would like to read more submissions for this prompt, you can find them here.

Until next time,

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

This week’s photo challenge is Chaos. I captured this ordered chaos in Lake District last year – let me know what you think.

On another note, I hope you are all well, and thank you for continuing to visit my blog! This autumn I started my final year in university, so the pressure is on. I have got some experiences and stories that I’m hoping to share with you soon though, so keep checking back!

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