Autumn Leaves

It is beginning to rain. The sky looks like a vast, thick layer of cotton wool – a grey blanket with glimpses of a grey sky underneath. Most trees are bare, or nearly so. Slowly, as night follows day, one by one, the leaves fall, swirling and twirling. It is notoriously hard to catch them as they fall; they seem to be going in one direction, but a small gust may push them off course. Some leaves still cling on to branches, unwilling, unsure, quivering in the wind. Their colours match the beauty of flowers, stained glass, glitter, and little spectrums made by crystals in the sunlight. But when they fall, they are trodden on, torn and caked with mud. Their colours are dulled, but beauty lies underneath. And the Earth will turn. As the sky sheds its grey cloak to reveal the azure underneath, and the breeze carries the fragrance of flowers, the leaves will return again, triumphant.

© Sohini Kumar

“Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” “My princess, you are the fairest in the land.” The princess places her hand mirror on her dressing table, sighing with satisfaction. She gazes at her reflection in the larger mirror hanging above the table, a small smile appearing on her face. It doesn’t quite reach her eyes. She turns her head one way, then another, subconsciously admiring the way the sunlight gives her creamy skin a soft glow. A slight frown penetrates her carefully constructed, serene expression. Does her hair look all right? Read More

Words cannot express how excited I feel at the moment (although evidently, I’m trying). After working my way through homework, school projects, revision, exams, exam returns, and not to mention, writer’s block, I finally managed to sit down before my laptop with the intention to write. After a while of writing, deleting and rewriting, I, at long last, managed to start my new project, Project X, with a prequel of my first chosen fairytale, Snow White. Read More

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