Some Resolutions (Happy New Year 2016!)

Dear readers,

A very happy new year to you all! I hope you have a healthy and successful year ahead. 2015 has been bittersweet but thinking back, there have been some truly happy, warm and wonderful moments. Here’s to hoping that this year brings even more moments like that for us all.

Now, no one really sets goals this time of year, but I thought I’d do something different. So here goes…

(That was sarcasm, just to clarify. Let’s jump on the bandwagon of tradition and set some resolutions!)

Writing Resolutions

  • Write a little bit every day.

I’ve tried (and failed) to do this before, but this year I’ve got a plan: I’ll write anything, anything, be it six-word stories, first lines, last lines, bad jokes, or shopping lists. I’ll be happy if I spend even five minutes a day writing something I don’t have to for the next 365 days.

  • Make a list of and participate in writing competitions.
  • Send work off to be published:
    • Write, edit and finalise short stories/poetry
    • Get subscriptions to magazines/journals
    • Send, send, send (maybe once a month?)

I want to take decisive steps towards being a published author this year. The first step (apart from actually writing) seems to be sending my writing to different journals and magazines, whether they’re in print or digital. Let me know if you know any good magazines to publish short fiction!

  • Read the writing-related books, articles and guides I’ve got saved.


‘Nuff said.

Not only are my bookmarks filled with links I’ve saved, but my dad has also sent me loads of helpful articles. I’m planning to read a few every weekend, or maybe one a day at least. Baby steps…

  • Have at least one short story finished per month.

I won’t set my goals too high. I’ll be honest: I’ve never kept my resolutions (that I know of). I plan to change this (as always), but I figured I’ll start small.

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Fresher Fears

I wish my university started on September 1st. Then I could at least pretend that I go to Hogwarts…

Look at all that food…


This time last year, I was about to start my first year at university. I was excited but also nervous. Some of my fears were silly, others were realistic. At some point, I made a list of all of them, deciding to return to them in a year to see if they had been realised.

Right now, I know that another group of students is waiting to start their university careers. A lot of guides and articles tell you not to be nervous but people don’t always identify exactly what scared them, and how they dealt with it. If you’re about to go to university and you’re feeling anxious, I hope this helps you realise that most if not all anxieties are unnecessary. It’s true that people’s experiences differ, but some of what I felt as a fresher may resonate with you.

So, one year later, here are my findings.

Fear: I will not make any friends.
Realised: NO

There’s so much to do in university that this just isn’t possible. You will meet many people at events, at lectures, in your accommodation, in societies… Some you may never see again, but familiar faces will keep popping up (as well as new ones, of course), giving you plenty of opportunities to forge friendships.

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13 Things I Learnt in my First Week at University

I only started university last week, but already, I have learnt a lot. Here are some things I picked up during my first week…

  1. The first thing people ask you is not your name; it’s your course.
  2. Therefore, you will say the name of your course at least five times a day for at least the first week.
  3. When you meet people with whom you have neither your course nor accommodation in common, you may say “See you later,” but never spot them again.
  4. No matter how much you plan ahead, you will probably end up going to the grocery store at least two days in a row.
  5. And that loaf of bread you buy may end up being too big, and you may have to eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. A campus map, no matter how much it makes you feel like a tourist, is important. And you may end up walking around with your nose buried in it.
  7. And if you stay on a big campus, you may walk more than you ever have before (ow, my legs…).
  8. Getting laundry done right the first time feels like winning the lottery.
  9. Same with making an edible meal without setting the fire alarm off.
  10. Your email inbox will flood in the first few weeks. Societies, phone companies, accommodation, societies, departmental emails, bank accounts… and did I mention societies?
  11. On any given day, you may have a lecture and a meeting. And the next day, you have five meetings at the same time.
  12. And speaking of meetings, no one reminds you of anything. It’s like the first few weeks of university come with a side of paranoia, free! (Or that may just be me…)
  13. And finally… you have to do everything yourself, which allows you to understand the value of a home-cooked meal.