Friday Fictioneers: Why

It’s Friday! And what else could that mean but Friday Fictioneers? (Uploaded on an actual Friday for once. How punctual am I?!)

(Actually, don’t answer that question.)

For Friday Fictioneers, writers respond to a prompt in 100 words or less. Thank you to Rochelle for providing the prompt.

clouds-above-the-treesPhoto © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Even though he was expecting it, the hit knocked him off his feet.

Pain blossomed inside his chest, squeezing his heart and scorching his lungs. He shuddered. The tears felt cool on his face. They laughed, the sound ringing hollow in his ears.

“Please,” he whimpered.

Another blow landed before he could close his eyes. One of them pulled his leg back. The next moment, an ache started in his ribs, getting sharper by the second.

They loomed over him.

By the time they left, he stopped asking himself why. He just lay there, watching clouds float across the sky.

Word count: 100

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments. You can read more submissions to this prompt here.

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Writing A Novel… Kind Of

For years, I have worked on various projects that I hoped would develop into novels. I have participated in National Novel Writing Month without any real idea of the direction I wanted my piece to go. I have created countless character profiles in an effort to get to know my (frankly generic) characters. Over time, I let the projects sit, simmer and eventually trail off, and now they are in a folder that I labelled ‘Current Writing Projects’ maybe three years ago.

Well, the time for that is over.

One of the assessments for my creative writing course is completing a writing project of 8,000 words. It’s not much compared to an actual novel but for someone who’s primarily written short stories, it’s kind of a lot. I chose to write an extended fiction piece, possibly an excerpt of something that could go on to be a novel. In the beginning, I was very excited: I would finally get a proper chance to work at a longer project! I would finally take a step out of the short story/flash fiction world!

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Friday Fictoneers: Grey-Blue Sky

Hello, dear readers! A very belated happy new year from me. I hope your year has been going well so far, and that it only gets better from this point. I am coming to you today with a Friday Fictioneers, in which writers respond to a prompt with 100 words or less. Thank you to Rochelle for providing this prompt!

Photo prompt © Al Forbes

Grey-Blue Sky

“Come on, dad!”

The shout echoed strangely, startling Dev.

A muffled thud.

“You okay?” Dev called, peering up the stairs.


Creak. Creak. Creak.

Creak, creak, creak. 

The footsteps sped up as they neared the bottom.

“Ready?” Dev said.

His father smiled. He held a small suitcase, zipper rusted.

“What’s this?” Dev asked.

“Couldn’t leave it behind,” grinned his father. “Your mother bought it for me.”

“Strange gift,” muttered Dev. “Come on, we have to get there by two.”

Grabbing his father’s hand, Dev towed the old man outside. They left the empty house behind under a grey-blue sky.


Words: 100

Let me know what you think, and thank you for reading. More content to come soon (I’m working on a piece about creative work experience right now, I promise)! If you would like to read more submissions for this prompt, you can find them here.

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