Mission Extreme Writing: Update #1

Since the launch of Mission: Extreme Writing, I have been writing more, but only in flashes and bursts. No full stories have been completed (yet) and I also haven’t checked the total word count because I have a feeling it’ll be embarrassingly low. So for now, word and story count are both to be determined.

I’ve dug up some forgotten unfinished projects, though, so I should have at least one story by the end of this week!

Thanks for reading!


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Mission: Extreme Writing

The problem

This summer, I’ve often found myself with a wisp of an idea that just won’t grow into something substantial. Sometimes it’s an empty blog post with only a title, sometimes a document called ‘12345’ with a few sentences on it. I can blame writer’s block, I can blame coursework. If I’m feeling up to it, I might even come up with a more creative excuse for why I’m not writing, like…


But deep down, I know it’s laziness that’s keeping me from getting any work done. I once read that the most effective tools for writers is a deadline, so that is what I’m giving myself one now. I set one for myself before, but because there were no consequences, I kind of ignored it (or forgot about it). This was me the past two months:


The mission

This deadline is different because it’s published, which makes it more ‘official.’ (Right?) Hopefully that will make it harder to ignore. I’m embarking on a mission of extreme writing — it’s kind of like extreme sports except you don’t have to get up (well, you should get up from time to time to stretch your legs and rest your eyes and whatnot). I start university in about a month, and before I return to the world of spine-crushing essays, I want to finish at least five short stories. 

That’s four weeks to write five stories, i.e. 1.25 stories a week.

I don’t have a detailed plan, but I will be writing a little bit everyday for now. I’ll be posting updates here, so if I fail the world will know about it! Well, at least a few people will. If that’s not motivation to succeed I don’t know what is. That, or chocolate. I like chocolate.

Anyways, the regular updates here (should I remember to post them) (just kidding) should make me write at least a little everyday. Let’s see.

Wish me luck, and if you’re a writer, let me know any tips to being productive, or how you get past writer’s block (or just say hi)!

Thanks for reading!