Daffodils: A Villanelle

Where do the daffodils all go
When winter months are almost here
Amidst the vicious, stinging snow.

Their fragile skin is frozen slow,
Their stems are paralysed with fear.
Where can the daffodils all go?

The icy, cruel winds do blow
And pierce the flowers like a spear
Amidst the vicious, stinging snow.

Above their heads the inky crow’s
Raw tune marks the end of the year.
Where can the daffodils all go?

They did not have the chance to grow.
Their petals break, tumble like tears
Amidst the vicious, stinging snow.

They will return in springtime, though,
‘Til then the gardens will be bare
Where could the daffodils all go
Amidst the vicious, stinging snow.


Copyright Sohini Kumar

Thank you for reading!

A little update: I had planned to have a longer post or a weekly photo challenge up soon, but my laptop broke yesterday. 😦 I can still upload from my phone but until I get the laptop fixed, longer posts will be difficult.

Hopefully you will still see me here a lot, though. And if not, I’ve recently gotten an account on fanfiction.net. I’ve got mixed feelings about fan-fiction, but ever since I read The Hunger Games years ago, I’ve wanted to know Peeta’s side of the story. Since all my telepathic pleas to Suzanne Collins don’t seem to have worked, I thought I’d try my own hand at it. If nothing else, at least it will get me writing. So if you’re a fan of Suzanne Collins’ books, take a look if you’d like! You can find the story here. 

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you around! If you decide to check out my first attempt at fan-fiction, let me know what you think. 🙂