Letters to October

Dear October,

You follow September every year, but still you come as a surprise. I’m sorry to say you’re a bit of an unwelcome guest. It’s nothing personal — I’m just a nostalgic little human. I’m usually missing what’s at the other end of my trail of footsteps. By the time it’s November, I’ll probably be wishing for you.

As you arrive, you bring with you a change in the air. You turn us deeper down the path to autumn. More leaves have begun to fall and sweaters are definitively coming out of musty drawers. There’s little hope of one last glance towards summer. Anticipation already bubbles for the Halloween enthusiasts… and for some Christmas enthusiasts as well (85 days to go).

While there’s excitement for the beginning of festivities, there’s a feeling of ending as well. This year has been a tug of war, a triumph in some areas and a failure in many others. It’s bittersweet seeing it come to an end. Unease also gnaws the edge of my consciousness. Life after January is uncertain and you, October, are a step closer to the unknown.

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