10 Ways of Looking at a Tree

  1. An apartment building that rents for free
  2. A playground complete with monkey bars
  3. Life rooted in soil
  4. A tall man with hair that changes colour
  5. Time in physical form
  6. Innocence and experience intertwined
  7. An oxygen tank
  8. Inspiration for those it drops its fruit on
  9. Patience that weathers out storms
  10. Beauty for those who find it


I lost track of time. Each day feels like a whirlwind and I’ve only just realised one is over before the next has begun. My writing here isn’t exactly in-demand but still, if anyone has noticed an absence, I apologise for the irregular posts.

I got tired of feeling guilty every time I thought about this blog, and the growing gap between the current date and the last time I posted. So I thought I’d get back on track with a little list I’d written a while ago. It’s quite simple and a little cheesy, but hey! It’s something.

Thanks for reading, and until next time!

Writing The Kind-Of-Not-Quite-Perfect Murder Mystery

My first (and possibly only) attempt at writing a murder mystery was… educational, to say the least. Here are a few things I learnt along the way.

  1. You will have to plan. A lot. A LOT.
  2. So much will you have to plan that, after a while, you may start listing plot points on any blank surface you can find.
  3. So much will you have to plan that you may end up getting sick of your characters, even if they aren’t complete jerks. And especially if they are.
  4. You might find yourself talking about murder a lot. In a casual conversation, my dad and I found 23 ways to murder someone. Yikes.
    How I felt after a while

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20 Ways to Serve Tea

Sequel to ’20 Ways to Serve Coffee.’ Wouldn’t want tea to feel left out!

1. With sugar
2. With milk
3. Piping hot
4. Icy cold
5. With a splash of lemon
6. With a splash of lime
7. With a splash of orange
8. With a splash
9. In a teacup
10. In a teaspoon
11. With a biscuit
12. During teatime
13. Like a robot
14. With a straw
15. With love
16. In the sunshine
17. In the rain
18. With salt
19. Without using your hands
20. And… just right.