Taking the Scenic Route

A while ago, I noticed something scary.

For quite some time, longer than I realised, I haven’t been doing what I love. I haven’t written a creative word in months. I haven’t finished a short story since I graduated with my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing last year.

It’s always in the back of my mind. I should write something. This story would be interesting. But I don’t actually do it anymore.

I felt panicked when I realised this. How did I veer this far off track? Did I make the wrong choices? Am I on the wrong path completely?

I’m not heading where I thought I was. Have I made a serious mistake?

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How to Succeed at Failure

As I’ve written in the ‘About’ section, this blog is a documentation of my journey towards my dream: to be a successful, published writer. I never imagined it would be easy. In the past, I’ve written about comparisonlosing and gaining inspiration, originality and getting my writing to more people.

Now, the more I get involved with the publishing industry, the more I realise that it’s not an understatement to say it’s competitive. So inevitably, failure has become a part of my journey, as has a question I frequently ask myself:

How am I supposed to stand out if I’m average?

True, I have a list of work placements and extracurricular activities on my CV; so does everyone else. I have good grades; so do many people. And I love books and writing, as does everyone in the industry. So how can I be anyone’s first choice if I’m not extraordinary in any way?

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A Little Bit Lost

Hi. It’s been a while.

I’ve remembered this blog a lot in the last few weeks. More than once, I’ve thought, I need to post again soon. But I haven’t. To be honest, I’ve had the time. Especially since my exams (and my whole degree, in fact) ended in June, I could’ve done a two whole months of blogging by now.

But I didn’t, for a number of reasons. First of all, I felt scared to look at the last post I wrote. With every passing day, it was getting older and older, and I didn’t want to know when I last uploaded (March. Ouch). Secondly, and more importantly, every time I tried to write something, it felt forced.  I couldn’t find a good place to start, and the words felt not quite right, somehow.

And finally, I knew that upon my return, I’d probably have to do the whole “sorry I haven’t written in a while drill again. I wasn’t sure if I had to suffer through that cringy routine again, or whether I could just continue without acknowledging my absence. Obviously now you know what I chose.

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