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When I was younger, anything more than five ‘likes’ on Facebook had me squealing in delight. “Wow, six people liked my status about ice cream!” *Two minutes later* “Seven people!” (Source) Admittedly, six people is a lot (imagine six people in a broom closet). But when some friends’ photos somehow garner more than a hundred ‘likes,’ six seems a little humbler in comparison. At the moment, I often feel like I’m stuck in the ‘child’ phase of blogging. I’ve… Read More

I’ve been in the blogging world for a while. My blog was created in 2008. I didn’t understand the process of blogging back then. I still don’t think I get it. The age-old question is probably: what does it take to get an audience? How do I make sure my content is reaching actual people? I don’t know. My blog is centred around reading and writing. Yet, until I started sharing photography, the number of… Read More

I only started university last week, but already, I have learnt a lot. Here are some things I picked up during my first week… The first thing people ask you is not your name; it’s your course. Therefore, you will say the name of your course at least five times a day for at least the first week. When you meet people with whom you have neither your course nor accommodation in common,… Read More


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