Gears and wheels in place
Assembled with care and grace
Practiced fingers laid
Among tools of the trade
A steel file to create shape
A calliper, so wheels don’t escape
A hammer, some pliers, a saw
Observing the clockmaker’s law.
Deftness has grown on his hands
Now time obeys his every command.

© Sohini Kumar

The Thought Leaf

In my creative writing course, we all wrote a peom modelled after The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes. This is what I came up with.

I stare at the blankness
The blankness stares at me
I hear the clock’s tired whisper
And my quiet breaths.

Outside, cold air ushers people inside
And autumn leaves hover
Clinging to branches for their meaningless lives
Until one falls
And falls
And falls

I stretch my fingertips
Sure I will catch it
Nearly there, nearly there
Until a gust of wind whisks it away
And it falls
And falls
And falls away.

And I look back at the page
Stare at the blankness
As it stares back at me.

© Sohini Kumar

I Would If I Were You

I recently started a creative writing course. For an activity, we had to come up with random titles. Someone came up with ‘I Would If I Were You’, which I have turned into a poem.

You might not want to eat an apple

In which you found a worm

The thought of eating a plate of dirt

May well make you squirm

Equally disgusting is the thought of eating glue

But all I can say is, “I would if I were you.”


Cheating on a big exam

Might not sound so nice

Or telling your friend to give you her money

Is not quite sound advice

Spinning around until you’re sick is

Not so good for you

But all I say is, “Why not? I would if I were you!”


Drawing on your brother’s face

While he’s sound asleep

Following a stranger through the streets

Acting like a creep

These are not the best ideas but if you’ve nothing to do

Don’t hesitate, and remember! I would if I were you.

© Sohini Kumar