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Welcome to another chapter of Resolutions Recap, where I review how well (or not so well) I’m keeping my resolutions this year! March was not the best month resolution-wise. I spent the first half on deadlines and the other half at home, where my main focuses included eating and sleeping (and work of course…). So, in the interest of sparing myself a series of zeros out of 10, I’m going to focus on the… Read More

Welcome to Resolutions Recap: February. Let’s see how I’ve continued to fail at keeping my resolutions this year! Resolution 1: Write a little bit every day Result: 9/10 As per the *established* tradition, I made a calendar to mark my progress: According to the records, I wrote 27 days out of 29, which is about 93%. Now that I am slowly getting into the habit of writing a little bit everyday, I want… Read More

Welcome to Resolutions Recap, January edition. Let’s see how much I’ve failed to keep my resolutions so far! Resolution 1: Write a little bit every day Result: 7/10 The end of January kind of disappeared as I was drowning in deadlines. But for the most part, I wrote everyday, whether it was 500 words for an assignment, a 50 word story, or essay notes. (Essay notes count, right? :P) I made a little calendar… Read More

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