Resolutions Recap: March

Welcome to another chapter of Resolutions Recap, where I review how well (or not so well) I’m keeping my resolutions this year!

March was not the best month resolution-wise. I spent the first half on deadlines and the other half at home, where my main focuses included eating and sleeping (and work of course…). So, in the interest of sparing myself a series of zeros out of 10, I’m going to focus on the goals I did manage to achieve.

Resolution 1: Write a little bit every day
Result: 6/10FullSizeRender

The days I missed are highlighted and… plentiful. However, in terms of quality, I think I did better than January and February. A lot of the things I wrote were part of a longer story or had the potential to become one themselves. Therefore, despite the score of 6 (or 4, if you don’t count the days I might have written but forgot to keep track), I’m happy with the content I wrote over March.

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Resolutions Recap: February

Welcome to Resolutions Recap: February. Let’s see how I’ve continued to fail at keeping my resolutions this year!

Resolution 1: Write a little bit every day
Result: 9/10

As per the *established* tradition, I made a calendar to mark my progress:


According to the records, I wrote 27 days out of 29, which is about 93%.

Now that I am slowly getting into the habit of writing a little bit everyday, I want to go one step further and write something useful everyday. In January, a lot of the stuff I wrote was just for the sake of it, which was okay to get me into the habit of writing anything at all. Now that I’m more used to that, I want to write just a little bit more than a nonsensical sentence if I can. I’m not attempting anything as crazy as one story a day again (*shudder*), but even one sentence that can later develop into something will do.

Resolution 2: Participate in writing competitions/send writing off to be published
Result: 2/10

Oh man. Not much better than last time. I did participate in one competition (didn’t win) and was all set to send something off to another, but I missed the deadline because of something really stupid. That fateful day is marked by a frowny face on my calendar above.

I didn’t send anything to any journals or magazines, so I don’t get many points for this resolution.

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Resolutions Recap: January

Welcome to Resolutions Recap, January edition. Let’s see how much I’ve failed to keep my resolutions so far!

Resolution 1: Write a little bit every day
Result: 7/10

The end of January kind of disappeared as I was drowning in deadlines. But for the most part, I wrote everyday, whether it was 500 words for an assignment, a 50 word story, or essay notes. (Essay notes count, right? :P)

I made a little calendar to keep track:


The key on the side is to help me remember what I wrote, in case I want to go back and check. The partially crossed out days are ones I forgot to mark — most likely I wrote something (seminar notes, at least), but I can’t be sure. I definitely wrote something 24 days out of 31, which is about 77% (if my maths is correct, which is unlikely, but meh). So I’ve given myself a 7 out of 10 for this!

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