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About three years ago, I accidentally started a bookstagram account. Since then, I have picked up quite a few things about how this sacred institution works. Today, I’m bringing you insider information on some of the most popular types of bookstagram posts, so that you too can start your journey to bookstagram fame. 1. The Flat Lay This is a classic, but it can be tricky. It’s great for setting a mood through… Read More

I recently decided to join Twitter in order to be more in touch with the publishing world, and to find out about any potential internships, jobs and opportunities. Here is what I learnt whilst creating my account. 1. Any/all forms of your name may already be taken. I don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. After testing every single form of my name, including ridiculous ones I would never actually use,… Read More

The “Don’t Judge Challenge” involves taking a video of yourself with all sorts of ‘blemishes’ and other features that are supposed to be ‘ugly.’ Then, you must cover the camera. When you take your hand off, your ‘blemishes’ will have vanished and ideally, you will look flawless. This is the newest trend in social media. Even though it becomes more ridiculous the more you think about it, I think I can see… Read More

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