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This week’s photo challenge is ‘seasons‘. Even though this photo wasn’t taken recently, it kind of shows what the weather is like nowadays. Flowers have started cropping up but it can still get cold and cloudy. I thought this photo illustrates that mid-winter/spring state quite well! What do you think? Advertisements

Where do the daffodils all go When winter months are almost here Amidst the vicious, stinging snow. Their fragile skin is frozen slow, Their stems are paralysed with fear. Where can the daffodils all go? The icy, cruel winds do blow And pierce the flowers like a spear Amidst the vicious, stinging snow. Above their heads the inky crow’s Raw tune marks the end of the year. Where can the daffodils all… Read More

This week’s photo challenge is ‘Close Up.’ I took this photo as part of a photography project aiming to convey the essence of winter.

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